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When clients want to make the transition from classic lashes to volume lashes, the first question I get is, “So, they are kind of like cluster lashes, right?”In a way cluster lashes are very similar to volume, but they should not be confused for volume lashes, nor should they be used for the application of lash extensions.

Cluster lashes, the kind you would find at Sally’s or Walmart, are premade fans with multiple lashes attached at the base. Their main purpose is to serve as an alternative to the common strip lash. The reason cluster lashes are not made for lash extensions is because of their weight. Unlike their volume counterparts, cluster lashes are heavier on the lash. Because of this, the weight of the cluster is not regulated and not healthy for excessive wear on the

natural lash. In addition, the base of the cluster lash is typically bulkier. If used for the application of lash extensions, the excessive amount of adhesive needed for the application would be damaging to the natural lash it is attached to. Now, I'm not saying that if you wear cluster lashes, all your eyelashes will fall out because they're too heavy. Cluster lashes are a great alternative with a softer more natural look; however, they should be removed daily and not worn on a consistent basis. Using any type of premade fan uses double the amount of adhesive needed, which in turn creates a heavier weight on the lash.

Volume lashes have the same definition, a cluster of lashes attached at a common base, however, they are handmade and weight regulated. The technician can select the appropriate lengths, weights and amount of lashes that are applied to a single lash and that can be customized to fit each client's individual needs. Volume lashes

basically means more than 1 extension attached to the natural lash. There are multiple types of volume including 2D-6D, Russian Volume, Tahitian Feathering, and Mega Volume. Volume lashes are typically used for a more dramatic look as up to 15 lashes can be applied to just 1 natural lash. Now, you may be thinking, “How is that healthy for my natural lash?” Like I said earlier, each handmade volume fan can be customized to each individual. There are a variety of lengths, curls, and thicknesses a technician can choose from. Some lashes are actually lighter in weight and thinner than your own natural lash! This means, if a client has a thinner natural lash or a shorter natural lash, the technician can customize the volume fan to still be healthy!

Check out this quick video to show the thickness and base width difference between cluster lashes and lash extensions!

Before you make the switch to volume lashes, check with your technician to find out what types of products he/she is using and see if it's the right fit for you!

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